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From my first two interviews in 2010 The Late Joan Rivers and Newcomer Jordin Sparks it has been one hell of a trip. Here are just a few who have visited the MBS. 

Motley Crues Vince Neil, Tommy Lee and Slipknots Cory Taylor, All of the Kardashians and Paris Hilton, Ice Tea and Coco and the legendary Brian Wilson. Gabriel Iglesias, Billy Gardell and Lil Kim. 

But wait, there's more, Engelbert Humperdink, Tony Orlando and Chaka Kahn, Toni Braxton, Peter Asher and Ian Anderson and the stars who are gone but never forgotten, Jack Bruce, Donna Summer, Joan Rivers and even Mickey Rooney. 
Oh the Diversity! Over 500 interviews!

Thank you for tuning in the entire MBS team appreciates it and if you are new...WELCOME

You'll find us on News talk 1400 WOND South Jersey part of Longport Media and globally on search WOND

Now meet my co-host, producer and contributors and again thank you for tuning in!
South Jersey's Premiere Entertainment Radio Talk Show
Dan Borowski: MBS Producer. 
Dan brings it all together and with his quick wit and lightning speed actions adding drops and music to whatever we are babbling about plus a bit of commentary. Dan is a pro wresting fan (Who Isn't) and each week we touch on "What's Happinin' in the Wrasslin World
 Dan is a past intern at the Howard Stern Show
Susan Berman, Co-Host Susan brings normalcy to the broadcast bringing me back when my A.D.D. kicks in. Susan also presents the "They Couldn't Make This Stuff Up" News. Susan is also my wife and meal ticket
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Whitney Ullman from  Whitney hits the hot spots for interviews with today hottest stars. Here infamous video interviews have been picked up by TMZ and she is a frequent contributor on Fox and Friends in Philadelphia. Whitney is a rising star creates a buzz everywhere she goes. You can hear Whitney weekly on the MBS
Chuck Darrow: Philadelphia Daily News Columnist. Chuck is opinionated and speaks his mind. When the subject is Atlantic City the MBS home turf watch out Chuck says it like it is...(As Far As He Knows) and we argue quite often, OK every week. Chuck is also a member of Nytrous a progressive rock band receiving a lot of attention as of late...
Lisaura Guzman: Latin On Air Personality. Lisaura is the MC for most of the Latin Night events in Atlantic City. Liz also hosts her own music show on internet radio. Lisaura reports on the hot trends and happenings in our Latin clubs and restaurants and she does this in English:)  
Marc Berman: Owner Berman Concerts Los Angeles. We have the same name but different parents. Marc Berman is a concert booker and promoter based in LA and monthly brings us the top ten grossing concerts and commentary.
Michelle Tomko: Comedian. I caught Michelle on two occasions and said I have to get her on the show. This very funny, talent and spontaneous comedian plays many different characters on the MBS.